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Most major insurance companies accept Dental Hygiene codes of services. We also accept: Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), and those with no insurance.

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We are excited to announce we have reopened! 

We decided to err on the side of caution and post pone our re-opening of the office as we consulted evidence-based resources, and exercised professional judgement while preparing for our return to work. Adhering to regulatory requirements and practice standards as outlined by our provincial regulatory body has been at the forefront of our decision making with returning to work. Learn all about our new Covid-19 protocols and safety procedures in this short video.

Changes we have made:

Client, staff, and visitor screening/risk assessment protocols;

Appointment management (staggering of appointments, length of appointments, etc.);

Training and education for all team members on new infection control policies related to COVID-19;

Dental unit waterline (DUWL) maintenance requirements;

Inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE);

Physical distancing protocols for staff and clients;

Staff and client COVID-19 testing protocols;

Soft reopening with extended length of appointment times;

Buffer time in-between appointments to allow for air changes by our new HEPA filters in every treatment room, cleaning time for high touch surfaces including the treatment rooms, and of course, time for our staff to mentally and physically rest as they get used to working in all the extra PPE & N95 respirators all day. (Not to forget the extended time off we have had will require the staff to retrain their bodies ergonomically!);

Updated infection control policies;

Waiting room protocols;

New glass doors to seal off the treatment room with 14-20 Air changes per hour in each treatment room to allow for Aerosol generating procedures. This allows us to use our regular tools instead of just hand scaling;

High Volume Evacuation systems for each treatment room;

And more.

Please don’t hesitate to ask how we have modified our office to prepare for a safe return to work. We have enhanced all of our measures to abide with our regulatory body, CDHO. (College of Dental Hygienist’s of Ontario) 

Welcome Back!

Sincerely, Lisa and the DHN Team!